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2018, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Spritual Journey Pancham Dham a Step Closer to Reality

Eyery year 1000 of devotees visited religious, cultural and peace movement Pancham Dham Around the World.
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World With Humanity

Ancient connect with Cambodia and Bharat

1008 Names of shiva is the beginning of the journey which made Sanatan felt outside India.Char Dham in India was established 1K+ years ago to propagate Hinduism. The banks of the Kulen River flowing in Cambodia are being revered as the 5th Dham.

Pancham Dham, a Step Closer to Reality

In the year 2018, the foundation stone for the construction of the temple of Lord Mahadev was laid inside Siem Reap, Cambodia. After this, every year hundreds of devotees go to Cambodia to visit Mahadev.

Names of Shiva
  • Spreading Religious Harmony
  • Cultural Exchange
  • To build Shiva Temple at Dham
  • Cultural Heritage
Vijay Utsav
Sansad Vijay tilak Utsav
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We are one of the leading Hindutva websites and non-profit organizations offering you both essential and detailed information as well as news from the world of this religion. We aim to help everyone discover Hindutva.
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To create cultural and spiritual coordination by restoring Indian heritage

Re-establishing this site as Pancham Dham where world’s largest Lord Vishnu temple exists

To encourage and establish education, culture, business along with Ayurvedic healing system and a meditation center

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years old
km from India
Curved Lingas
We’re worldwide non-profit charity.

Ancient connect with Cambodia and Bharat

Buddhism prevails across Cambodia today, Hindutva was once Khmer Empire’s official religions, 12th Century Angkor Wat standing as the world’s largest Hindu Vishnu temple. Despite being Theravada country they celebrate their culture, i.e. Pchum Ben which is pitra paksha in India. Hindus pay homage to their ancestors, especially through food offerings.
academic and religious

Yearly Programs

We organize regular Conference meeting and support various public discussions that are related to Pancham Dham and its development.
Religious Conclave for Peace
We organize Religious Conclave for Peace from all over world peoples.
Our organization members take part and organize seminars from all over the world and establish international connections.
Organization of Festivals
Annually, we organize some Festivals. They attract the attention of Pancham Dham
Pancham Dham often acts as an organizer of various events. We aim to popularize this side of Pancham Dham as well.
Social Awareness
Breaking Stereotypes, Building Connections: Embrace the Power of Social Awareness
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Mandir Nirman Build
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Pancham Dham Yatra begins in Siem Reap, Cambodia

Pancham Dham Nyas is committed for spiritual yatra to Cambodia at its foundation day every year.
Successful Pancham Dham Yatra

brings bright hope for Cambodia

the Pancham Dham Trust envisions to build a social, culture and spiritual relationship with Cambodia & Bharat. It aims to promote Trades & Financial bonding between India & South-East Asian Countries.
  • More than 200 plus devotes are visiting this year
  • 500 Buddhist Monks blessing with their presence
  • Establish Sanatan Dhyan Kendra at 52 Coastal Countries
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We are one of the leading Hindutva websites and non-profit organizations offering you both essential and detailed information as well as news from the world of this religion. We aim to help everyone discover Hindutva.

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